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Pundit Ramanand Shastri

Pundit Ramanand Shastri is from the 41st generation of Jyotish Pundits.  He has helped thousands of people around the world.


Pundit Ramanand Shastri 

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Welcome!   This website represents expert Vedic Astrology Services brought to you by Ken Krumpe from Maui who is the International Coordinator for Pundit Ramanand Shastri who lives in India.  Ken & Pundit Shastri have been working together for over 20 years providing the best quality Yagyas and Readings available.  You will receive your chart via e-mail in an easy to follow format.  Many people are enjoying the great benefits of this unique service where you can gain a deeper understanding of where your life is going and how to augment your positive karma and mitigate the negative influences that you have brought with you into this life time. 
Enlightened Living Enterprises Charitable Corporation is a non-profit corporation organized and operated for charitable and educational purposes.  We are dedicated to keeping alive the age old tradition of Vedic Astrology, Mantras and Yoga by instructing the public on how Vedic Astrology is useful to individuals and beneficial to the public.  To fulfill these purposes we support 250 Vedic priests and their families in India.  In return, the priests conduct prayer ceremonies in a Vedic Temple to create world peace.  We also send contributions for the construction of a Vedic Temple where prayers called Yagyas can be preformed.    These Yagyas are also performed in concert with Auspicious Dates and celebrations throughout the year such as Navaratri, Laxmi Day & Shivaratri.
I wanted to let you know I feel good and I feel happiness and content.
 I feel God‘s presence.  My life is not perfect but I feel strong. 
Not sure if it is the yagyas I have recently done with you, the herbs you recommended or both.  I just know for the last two days I have felt something that I did not have before.  I want to thank you, your wife, and the pundits for all the good 
that you all do for people’s lives and the world.
Thank you and Pundit Shastri for the yagyas you recommended and performed for my sister
when she was diagnosed with Covid-19.  I thought it would be good to let you know that my sister has been discharged from the hospital since last Saturday.  She is recovering at home and is making good progress daily.  Many thanks to you, Pt. Shastri and all the pundits for all the efforts being done on behalf of her.
Hi Ken .. wow thank you so much for all of your brilliant information, which I can now share  with my Cancer client with confidence. What a comfort to know that I can so easily order proper and quality Yagyas for my  Ayurveda clients AND myself and family! At such fair prices. What a blessing! THANK YOU!  I am delighted to be working with you – to be able to offer this priceless service to my clients as I journey forward in my new venture of Ayurveda.
Yes — thank you! Still a bit weak but definitely doing a lot better. I think the yagya to heal from Covid did help a lot. 


Recently Ken was interviewed by a Radio Station called Elevated Radio.  The interviews went deeply into Medical Astrology and the difference between Western and Vedic Astrology.  We think you will find these interviews very informative.  Just click on the arrows and enjoy!


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World-renowned Jyotish Pundit Ramanand Shastri comes from a traditional family of Jyotish Pundits dating back over 1000 years.  Pundit Shastri is the 41st generation of Jyotishis in his family.  With over 35 years of experience, Pundit Shastri has helped tens of thousands of people in over 55 countries with Jyotish readings and yagya and gemstone recommendations.

 “We have arranged hundreds of consultations for Pundit Shastri.  Almost everyone who has had a reading by him has been amazed at how accurate he is with his insights and predictions.  If you have important questions about your life or your future, accuracy of prediction is what you want.  If you are thinking about getting married, starting a business, going on a trip, beginning a new career or worried about your health, he is the one to consult.  If you are not getting support of nature, or things are going wrong in your life, Pundit Shastri can tell you why, and prescribe remedial measures such as yagyas and gemstones to help you achieve a more successful happy and healthy life. “Over the past 20 years we have had consultations with dozens of Jyotishis but none has made more accurate predictions for us”  Ken & Janet Krumpe
We offer Life Readings , One Year Progression, Three or Five Year Progression. Included in the reading is Yagya Recommendation and Jyotish Gemstone Recommendation. We also offer Muhurtas which are auspicious beginning times to begin a business, journey, build a house or start any new venture. We offer business compatibilities between partners and also marriage compatibilities. We also offer Vedic Kavacha and Yantras which are amulets for prosperity, business success, good health and protection from black magic or dark souls.
Pundit Shastri now coordinates 250 Yagya Pundits.  These Pundits perform top quality Yagyas from the Jyotir Math Tradition in India .  They are located in Gaya , India.  He offers numerous Planetary and Specialty  Yagyas.
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Wanted to let you know that I feel quite  physically, emotionally, and spiritually light, uplifted, peaceful and optimistic since the Yagya started—-positive vibes all around.  This is a definite shift for me.
     Thank you for this amazing Shani Yagya.  This is just what I needed.  The result was tremendous harmony within the family.  Amazing relationship with my wife and children… like, really good.  Business has improved dramatically… I got a phone call for a new contract on the day the Yagya was requested and it has been good ever since! 
Just a note of appreciation to you and Pundit Shastriji on these yagyas. I’ve had many yagyas – sometimes the results are apparent and sometimes not. But this time, the results have been very apparent and immediate. My pain and discomfort has diminished 85% and my digestion is returning to normal. I have a good appetite and am carefully and slowly enjoying food again. I think the platetary yagyas are a lot more important than people often recognize. Particularly for health related issues. I plan to get back into doing planetary yagyas more regularly, as our finances permit.
Thank you again Ken for offering this beautiful, stellar offering to our glorious world, cosmos and beyond.  It is most heart-warming to know that there are great beings who dedicate their lives to offering yagya’s for the benefit of all beings.
I am so grateful for all that you offer by bringing these beautiful and powerful gifts of  yagyas (and all the offerings) to the world.  They have brought such benefit to my life, my clients and through us all to the world!  I am so grateful!
Wow…the moon yagya I just did with you guys was possibly the most powerful yet. Thank you.
Yagya Report for a favorable outcome in a court case
 NO 5 to 8years Prison Term or NO Ankle Bracelet!! What a Relief and A Giant Blessing!! Thank You Pundit Shastri.  Thank You!!!    His Lady Judge had Great Compassion for him.   He only got 190 days of workhouse broken up so he could still take care of his family. He so appreciates and still is in shock and has daily tears over the Powerful Yagya!! He was innocent but trial said he was guilty. Judge made final ruling. Ken please tell Shastri this family man is so grateful 🙏 and Thank him and his pundits for helping my nephew.