Travel Yagya for a Smooth and Safe Journey

Special intention yagya for safe, smooth and easy travel

In recent years more and more people are requesting yagya
For safe, smooth, healthy and fortunate travel.
We want everyone to know we have a very good yagya
for this purpose, which has benefitted many people.

The presiding deities of this Yagya are Durga for protection from danger and Ganesh for removal of all obstacles

Frequently used Sankalpa intentions:

  1. Removal of all obstacles to safe and smooth and easy travel
  2. Good physical, mental and emotional health during travel
  3. Protection from accidents, injury or ill health during travel
  4. Protection from covid 19 and other viruses during travel
  5. Success, fulfillment, prosperity and abundance during travel

People report smoother connections, no lost luggage, good health and support of nature during travel.  Free and unexpected upgrades, more harmonious relationships during travel, great success in business, happier and more fulfilling vacations, smoother and quicker check-ins, overall freedom from roughness and problems, and more fun!

Yagya pundits need to know your itinerary: city and country for each day of travel

Yagya Options: 4 pundit yagyas recommended for families or couples
30 days yagya by 2 pundits- $315
30 days yagya by 4 pundits- $630
21 days yagya by 4 pundits-$495
21 days yagya by 2 pundits-$250
15 days yagya by 2 pundits- $165
15 days yagya by 4 pundits- $315
7 days yagya by 4 pundits- $165

To place and order please contact us with birth information
for everyone who will be traveling and travel itinerary,
approximately one week before travel will begin.
It is best to begin the yagya a few days before departure and
Continue for a few days after travel is complete