Vedic Astrology Knowledge about Eclipses

We giving the following information on eclipses because so many people are asking what to do during an eclipse and whether they need yagyas during this time to protect themselves during the eclipse.  You can always feel free to ask Pundit Shastri if you need a Yagya for any specific eclipse. 

What to do during an Eclipse

***A Total Lunar Eclipse will happen November 7-8, 2022***

It will be visible in Asia, Australia, America/Canada,

and parts of Eastern Europe and most of South America

Vedic Astrology recognizes the Sun and Moon as the two luminaries in our solar system.  They are both considered Sattvic and givers of light.

The Sun gives radiant light and the Moon gives reflected light.  This giving of light is considered a positive, benefic energy.  Therefore, any eclipse of this light is as a rule considered malefic.  Therefore, in general, all eclipses of the light of the Sun and Moon are considered not good.

Generally, when we think of eclipses we think of the arrangement/alignment of the Sun and Moon and Earth.  However, in Vedic Astrology the two nodes of the Moon Rahu and Ketu are always close by whenever there is an eclipse.  These two grahas are Tamasic and dark and old and create energies that are not life supporting.  Maharishi Parashara describes an ancient dragon that sneaks into the company of the Gods as Vishnu is dispensing the nectar of immortality.  The Sun and Moon who see all things spotted this dragon and pointed it out to Vishnu who cut off the head of the dragon.

 However, the dragon had already swallowed the nectar of immortality and could not die.  The severed head of the dragon became Rahu and the tail became known as Ketu.  Rahu and Ketu became enemies of the Sun and Moon from that time on because the two luminaries had revealed their presence to Vishnu. So, they pledged to swallow up the Sun and Moon for all eternity.  Thus, they are always present close by at the time of an eclipse.

The effect of an eclipse and what areas of life are most affected by the energies of an eclipse depend upon the 16 stages of an eclipse which note

how the eclipse begins, how it proceeds and how it ends.  These predictions can be made by an experienced Jyotishi who is supposed to monitor the eclipse for everyone else who should not view the eclipse.

In many parts of the world there is a tradition of witnessing and viewing an eclipse while it is happening.  This is often promoted as a rare opportunity in one’s lifetime to see a celestial event.  However, viewing an eclipse opens one more to the dark and negative energies being created at the time of an eclipse.

Therefore, the following recommendations are made in Vedic Astrology regarding what to do during an eclipse.

***Some people may need a Yagya during an eclipse***

You can send an email request to ask Pundit Shastri for his recommendation

1)    Stay indoors with windows and curtains closed and do not view the eclipse.  You can look at the NASA Eclipses website to know what areas of the world the eclipse will be visible from and when it will be in your area.  Generally, an eclipse only affects strongly the areas on earth from which it is visible.

2)    Do not eat cooked food during an eclipse.  There is scientific research that harmful bacteria grows during an eclipse much more than at other times.  Many people experience that milk goes bad during an eclipse.  So, eat before an eclipse or wait until after.  In India if an eclipse occurs during meal times no food is cooked.  Sometimes apples, oranges and other non-cooked food are served.

3)    Eclipses are a good time to meditate, do yoga, even sleep.

4)    It is good to wear Rudraksha beads during an eclipse as they protect from all negative influences.

5)    It is good to swim in the ocean or a river or lake or take a bath in one’s own residence immediately following an eclipse to purify any negative energies

6)    It is good if there is a natural rainfall within one week of an eclipse to cleanse the environment.  Water is considered a purifying element worldwide.

7)    Avoid negativity during an eclipse.

8)    Be more quiet

9)     Read spiritual or uplifting literature.

10)  OK to watch news coverage of an eclipse if you want to see what you missed.