World Predictions for 2017

Dear Friends,
We wanted to share with you at this time some of Pundit Shastri’s predictions for the world for 2017
In recent years we have hesitated sending out Pundit Shastri’s predictions for the year as most people do not know what to do with the information and worry too much about the predictions, or try to make life decisions regarding investments, etc, based on the predictions which is not how this information should be interpreted. 
Personal life choices should always be made based on one’s personal readings, not on the world horoscope. 
Pundit Shastri has been doing the World Horoscope for over 40 years now
And he uses at least 7 different systems for predictions for the World Horoscope.
This year he spent a large amount of time going into many minute details of the Horoscope.
In 2016 Pundit Shastri’s predictions proved to be very correct especially with regards to troubles between North and South Korea, China causing trouble for many
countries and terrorists attacks around the World in many countries.
Note: That Jyotish shows the karma/energies from the past and when they will come forward in the present.  Remember that we always have free will
in the present to change the karmas of the past through yagyas, meditation, gemstones, making current choices in love, and other remedial measures.
Please find below Pundit Shastri’s predictions
for the World Horoscope (Jagat Kundali) for 2017
Pundit Shastri wants everyone to note a very difficult period for the entire world
Beginning on May 26th to June 26th, 2017  He has requested that as many people as possible do yagya at this time to protect your families and bring harmony and peace in the world.  Last year we did many yagyas for a difficult period last June which prevented any serious problems.
Dear Ken,
Year 2017 is not generally good for the world. There will be lots of hatred, anger, mistrust, disagreements, and rising tensions worldwide all year long. There is an especially difficult time for all beginning around May 26th. To June 26th, 2017.  Many difficulties, conflicts and possible wars will come around the world. The world situation will begin to improve after Sept 22nd, 2017
More affected countries are Israel, Australia, Hungry, Arabic countries, Iraq, Iran, Austria, Spain, Egypt, Cyprus, Zambia, Turkey, Pakistan, West Indies, Brazil, Syria, Algeria, Belgium, USA, India, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Scotland, China and Holland. Those countries have big problems related to bad elements. Many bad elements disturb these countries and also some natural calamities will come.
In the USA,         
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Washington, New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Michigan those places are more affected from bad weather and other bad elements. In the southern part of USA some natural calamities will come.  Near Hawaii some problems will come related to water.
Until 22nd Sep 2017 many problems will come around the world more or less.  Every country will experience bad effects. Some places will have problems related to nature and some places have terror related problems.
To neutralize bad influences of planetary positions and Nakshatras (Constellations)
We are going to start Special Yagyas to neuturalize the bad influences of the planets
And create harmony, peace and protection for all.
Thank you very much
With best wishes
Pt Shastri
Pundit Shastri is suggesting a World Peace Yagya
Pundit Shastri mentioned that he had been speaking with some wealthy families in India. 
He told them that “they should do more to help the world at this time” based on the World Predictions for 2017 (posted on our website).  These wealthy donors stepped up and have contributed the funds to start a Maha Yagya for World Peace today (March 29th in India); 121 pundits will perform this yagya for the nine days of Navaratri.
Many Pundits have come for this work from outside of our normal group of Pundits. Many senior pundits who are experts in this yagya are organizing.
This brings us to a total of 431 pundits doing yagyas with our program in Gaya, India during the nine days of Mother Divine.
 Pundit Shastri has offered his land, next to his home for this yagya, and a temporary yagyashala has been built for this Maha Yagya.  As part of the Vedic Tradition of this yagya, whomever shows up for the yagya in addition to the Pundits, will be fed each day.  When we performed this same yagya in 2006 over 1,000 people in addition to the 121 Pundits showed up each day and were fed.  Many truckloads of food, flowers, rice, etc. were delivered each day. 
Pundit Shastri also reiterated that yagyas to help the world are needed especially through Aug 22nd of this year and asked everyone to keep a focus on doing yagyas as much as possible this year.  He said in watching the world news his predictions around the world are coming true.  We see this is true in the USA.
And he is very concerned still about the time frame of May 26th to June 26th
Which is a dangerous time for war around the world this year.
He asked those in the West to also step up to do another Maha yagya for World Peace May 26th to June 26th, 2017.  This yagya with 121 Pundits is a minimum of nine days but can go longer.  In a similar time to this in 2006,  $40,000 was donated and the Maha yagya for World Peace continued for 40 days averting all the trouble predicted. 
So Pundit Shastri asked if there are any wealthy people in Western countries receiving this email if they could donate the money for a 2nd Maha Yagya for World Peace May 26th for at least nine days.  This Yagya costs $1200 per day for the Pundits and all the gifts and food given away at the yagya.
 Total for 9 days is $10,800 and $1200 for each additional day.
I could tell by his voice that Pundit Shastri is very concerned about this time frame, but also for the entire year until Aug 22nd when there will be a change for the better.
All donations for this and all of our yagyas are 100% tax deductible through our 501 c 3 charity in the USA.
Click below to donate for the World Peace Yagya –  You can enter any amount
Pundit Shastri is especially concerned about the time period starting and around May 26th to June 26th
He said that in 2006 there was a similar time in the world when we organized a yagya for World Peace. 
Through the generosity of many we raised $40,000 to have 121 pundits do a yagya for World peace, which lasted 40 days and 40 nights.
1,000 people per day in addition to the Pundits were fed at this time.
This yagya was extremely successful and no major conflicts occurred.
This year 2017 the time is almost as bad beginning around May 26th to June 26th, 2017
However, Pundit Shastri has suggested a different idea to neutralize this negative karma/energy, which will allow everyone to participate in a solution.
This year Pundit Shastri wants to offer inexpensive personal yagyas
That are affordable to everyone; so everyone can do his or her part to contribute
To an upsurge of peace, love and harmony in the world and protection for your family
 When it is most needed
Pundit Shastri recommends:
Everyone try to do at least one small yagya
11 days yagya by 1 pundit $215
11 days yagya by 2 pundits  $430
Starting on May 26th
With 2 sankalpa intentions:
1) for peace, harmony and protection for yourself and your  family
2) for peace and harmony and protection for the world
Pundit Shastri is encouraging as many people as possible to do these yagyas.
We have hundreds of Pundits available to do these yagyas.
Or just have any yagya going on at this time (See below)
 Other  yagya suggestions:
1) Any Monthly yagya can be started at this time for any purpose
Monthly yagyas are extremely suitable at this time as we are talking about a
Difficult 30 days period beginning on May 26th
30 days yagya by 2 pundits $315
30 days yagya by 4 pundits $625
30 days yagya by 8 pundits $1250
30 days yagya by 12 pundits $1875
 30 days yagya by 16 pundits $2500
2) This time period starting May 26th to June 26th would also be a good time to do any
Planetary yagyas mentioned in your yearly readings. If you do not have a yearly reading
You can order a reading now or Pundit Shastri can do Yagya recs for you to be done during this time.
3) Good time for those who have birthdays to do birthday yagyas during these 11 days.
We love birthday yagyas and I will be doing my birthday yagya at this time.
Birthday yagyas are 1 day yagya by 11 pundits $165
4) Contributions can also be made by larger Donors who can contribute more
towards a Maha Yagya for World Peace.
This yagya is a minimum of 121 Pundits for 9 days at a cost of $1200 per day.
Donations needed for a 9 days yagya by 121 pundits =$10,800.


Click below to order a Yagya 11 days by 1 Pundit for $215


Click below to order a Yagya 11 days by 2 Pundits for $430
 Click below to order a Yagya 30 Days by 2 Pundits for $315


 Click below to order a Yagya 30 Days by 4 Pundits for $625
Click below to order a Yagya 30 Days by 8 Pundits for $1,250

Click below to order a Yagya 30 Days by 12 Pundits for $1,875

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